Enter by Cheyenne MacMasters

by Cheyenne MacMasters

There’s a game out here

You can play if you want

You have to want

You know

Who knew it would be such a thrill to enter the game.

To try out one’s strokes and put them into play.

 Refreshing to step up to bat.

So crystal clear that I don’t even need colors,

just the dance of black and white.


20″x16″ oil painting  by Cheyenne MacMasters

available from Csambri Studios

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About Cheyenne MacMasters

Mists upon the waters and fog in the mountains has my brush dancing on the canvas. It's a game of trusting the illusion. By painting what I see, I become friends with the mountains and the mists. They make me smile. What a relief to be putting my School of Visual Arts and Art Student's League of New York training into practice instead of just sighing wistfully on the sidelines. The day has come to pick up the brush and paint.

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