Introducing Cheyenne MacMasters

Light on the Waters

Light on the Waters
by Cheyenne MacMasters

I am a painter who paints. Before now, I was a painter who only photographed what I wanted to paint. But one day, not too long ago, I read the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, and my world changed. The clarity of his theory that Resistance to your calling can only be overcome by turning Pro (showing up at your calling every day), and invoking the Muses for their assistance, was like a light shining through the darkness of my desires.

Some of you may know me from my photography blog, Orbs Delight. So many nights photographing the energy phenomenon called “orbs” has colored my palette in black and white. Although I live in the West, I’ve yet to become a Western Artist. Haven’t managed to paint a saguaro or colorful hacienda. My Muse wants light on water, mists that dance, entrances into inner space. We’ll see what she calls forth as this blog chronicles the images she inspires.

Thank you for visiting.


16″x20″ oil painting  by Cheyenne MacMasters

available from Csambri Studios


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  1. My o my! This is brilliant! Though I’m viewing this from my handheld, the effects are still vivid. It’s not easy to create the wavy form of water (that’s what it looks like from here) in a painting — I struggled with this for sometime. But you’ve made the difficult look easy. Delightful to see.

    How are you, Cheyenne? Missed you a ton! I hope to return to active blogging in March.

    Oh, I’ll follow this blog right way 🙂


    • Uzoma! I was just thinking about you today 🙂 long time no see post… I remembered something about March being the goal of my creative friends. Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes the water flows easily and sometimes the illusion is eluding. Ha! So, I was reading about promoting your art and it said start a blog… and I thought I could probably do that… and I am so glad you found the follow button, you savvy blogger!!


  2. I have discovered recently that there are a number of us that have re-launched this Spring with new work evolving out of all that looking and seeing and feeling. This is a very exciting development and I can imagine you are full of ideas that you are keen to explore on canvas. Many congratulations for doing what you want to do.


    • Many thanks for your uplifting (dragon’s draft?) comment. It is very thrilling to feel the soar of creative impulse that demands expression. I enjoyed many of your images, but couldn’t find the button to “like” so will be returning to explore the many layers of your site.


      • The absence of “Like” is not modesty on my part but an inability to get the “Like” plug-in working on my new site. Hopefully a solution will be found one of these days. In the meantime I am even more grateful to those who take the time and effort to make a comment. There is indeed a lot to explore and it will be good to hear if you manage to find some favourites.


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