Sky Sampler
by Cheyenne MacMasters

My Muse is a being of fog and mist. How can a brush recreate such an ephemeral phenomenon? Perhaps it is the feeling as well as the rendering the Muse is seeking. One has in mind the image to portray, and then there is the actual painting that manifests. When in doubt, strike boldly, the sky is roiling. The electrical poles are stalwart, delivering lines of energy despite inclement weather. But what about the mists that came to ground? Perhaps we’ll see that scene next week.


16″x20″ oil painting  by Cheyenne MacMasters

available from Csambri Studios


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    • Thank you for your enthusiastic comment, and for introducing me to the paintings of Charles Burchfield. I’m painting in oil these days. I remembered enjoying your blog when I was posting at Orbs Delight, so I wanted to keep in touch with my painting blog. Thanks for following!


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