Border Crossing



Border Crossing copyright (c)2014CheyenneMacMasters

Border Crossing
by Cheyenne MacMasters

Sometimes, when starting a new painting and seeing how it is not at all as one envisioned, one has to give up and proceed with innocent eyes. On my last post, Evolution of a Face, you can see exactly how clumsy my initial drawing looked on the canvas. So many borders to cross along the way to creating a painting.  Lack of skill and wishful thinking among the barriers we erect against progress. I never thought I could achieve the illusion of a figure on canvas. “Wow, it looks like a toe!” I exclaimed to my drawing teacher in amazement at my efforts. So, for years I stayed on the comfort side of the border, the side more imaginary in its assumptions than the illusions of painting. We all have borders to keep us secure in our known worlds, safely not advancing. What borders are you thinking of crossing?


20″x16″ oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

available from Csambri Studios


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  1. Hello Cheyenne,

    Beautiful and mysterious, this painting. I agree we all have borders to think of. And I still have one. And strangely that’s writing. You may disagree, but for long I’ve stayed on the other side of the border, reading books, telling myself that even if I’d stories of my own tucked away somewhere,that no one would want to read them. Now, there is another border and that’s quitting completely. When I come across a brilliantly written I’m daunted sort of. But I hope to push on and get published someday — as Darlene, my editor, has advised.

    You’re talented, my dear friend. And it shows there are more works of art to come from you. I’d would like take courage in your progress


    • Hmmm, is it possible to quit one’s destiny completely? You are here to communicate through writing, which you do so well, Uzoma. Perhaps like me you’ll put down the tools of your trade for awhile, but when you come back you’re stronger than when you left. The hardest border to cross is the one that leads us to ourselves. So much easier to be the one everyone else demands of us, especially when it comes time to put food on the table! Good luck on assessing your borders my friend.


      • “So much easier to be the one everyone else demands of us, especially when it comes time to put food on the table!” Haha. Your words are true. And when you have people who are not family but are dependent on you, it doubles your effort to meet up.

        I’m glad you find my writings very interesting. I’ll continue to do my best.


  2. Love love love the mystery and pull of your paintings toward discovery. So happy to find you here, Cheyenne. I am taking the words to heart – as I teeter at the still point before motion! xo! marga


    • I’m so glad you followed me here, Marga. The dance of teetering can be so unnerving after our more accustomed bouts of intensity, even though we know it is a necessity…! I unraveled and then found orbs, went through another mind numbing zone and came out with a paint brush and Muse dancing on its bristles. I know you have the fortitude and blessings to see you through the stillness.


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