Have You Seen Your Muse?



Of the Nefertiti by Cheyenne MacMasters

Of the Nefertiti
by Cheyenne MacMasters


Have you seen your Muse? Perhaps in a glance from a stranger, or when you look at the clock and see a favorite number. Your Muse is there offering enticements, baiting the hook, letting you know you have a friend, if only you would recognize what you see.

I once saw the Muses dancing in my dreams. Robust and vigorous, these are Greeks filled with passion, not simpering wall flowers. Now when I invoke the Muses of inspiration and painting before picking up the brush each day, asking to be graced with their enthusiasm and exhilaration, I inhale ardent intent when I draw in my breath after saying “Amen” and then exhale into the task at hand. This must be the state of grace we all enter into when giving ourselves up to the fervor of creation.


20″x16″ oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

available from Csambri Studios


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