Emerging Too

copyright 2014 Cheyenne MacMasters

Emerging Too

There comes a time when we must stand up and be counted. A time when we say, “Yes, I am here, and ready for action.” A time when we want to rise out of the fog that limits our view, a time when we want to emerge out of the mists that have obscured our destiny.

For many of us, that time comes when we declare we are an artist. We become the “Emerging Artist” that took all those years since we put down our crayons and finally picked up the brush, the pen, the clay, the camera, whatever it takes to connect and become a conduit of our creative spirit.

Thank goodness for blogs that let us stretch our wings in the moonlight. Salutations nest mates!

oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

Size: 24″ x 36″



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  1. Beautiful, sacred moonlight and a hand raised for help, no, a hand pulsing with energy. All of your paintings really depict the life force. I am a Reiki master so would call it Reiki energy. Very dynamic work!! The caterpillar emerges from the cocoon to be flying flights of color!


        • Very insightful, Ellen. I’m now in my 11th year giving Reiki at a monthly children’s clinic. My youngest student is about 5 years old and we began giving him Reiki while he was in the womb. Reminiscent of Dune…


      • Fascinating! I once gave Reiki to a very pregnant woman and her baby and then she came back to the clinic and asked for me to give Reiki to her and her newborn son. That was so special! I don’t do it regularly anymore except distants and brief touch for my husband and me. But good for you at the children’s clinic!! My dream is to do for horses.


        • Distance Reiki can be very effective. Heck, I’ve been known to give Reiki to fish in their tanks at pet shops. Always interesting to watch the other fish come and hover around the one receiving the treatment… So, follow through with your love of horses, Ellen, you’ll love the interaction.


  2. Reblogged this on Orbs Delight and commented:
    Although I think about questing for orbs every once and awhile, and I would love to share that delight with you, it seems that painting has captured my questing spirit these days… Salutations to you all from my painting blog….


  3. Therese asked about you a few days ago. Told her hadn’t seen you post any blogs. And here your are. I’m still photographing orbs in the yard. I think the orbs enjoy it as much as I do. Kathy


    • Thanks for the visit, Kathy. Glad to hear that you are still questing orbs. Seems like it’s getting time for me to look around the neighborhood for a cloud of orbs. Please give Theresa my warm regards. I hope she is on the mend from cranky knees etc.


      • I haven’t seen clouds in a LONG time. I do see sparks close to the camera that are spirits that don’t emanate. Therese still has cranky knees and had another surgery a while back. She doesn’t have a computer now and has to use her phone, which isn’t the best obviously. I’ll relay your regards.


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