Painting is Meditation

Light Upon The Waters

Light Upon the Waters

There is something very meditative about painting. The releasing of anxieties as one gives up all angst and simply trusts the Muses to lead the way. I showed my portfolio to a gallery owner recently and she asked to see this image on a larger canvas. Having spent the last several months fussing with lips and eye creases and just where are those collar bones going, I was so glad she wanted my misty light beams on water images. Now I can worry about anatomy on one easel while simply going with the flow of light on another easel.

The original painting of this image is what I showed to start off this blog of paintings. I realized recently that I’ve been working with this imagery since high school, the dark triangle on the left and cleft of light leading to the right. At the time, I explained to my painter dad that the dark crusty area was what we show to the public and the light was within. He didn’t get it at all and thought I should be keeping the dark inside and letting the light out to shine upon the world. Perhaps he had a point…


24″ x 36″ oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters


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