Border Crossing by Numbers

Detail of Beyond Blue oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

Detail of Beyond Blue oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

Beyond Blue is the third painting in my Border Crossing by Numbers series. I haven’t shown the first two: Border Crossing a.k.a. Regret, and One to the 2nd Power, because I’ve submitted them for consideration to an international exhibition, The Venice Biennale 2015, and would like Okwui Enwezor, their Director of the Visual Arts Sector, to have the first showing.

Beyond Blue oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

Beyond Blue
oil painting by Cheyenne MacMasters

You may wonder about the numbers superimposed upon the painting, and I hope you do… Instead of the painting merely being an image of a border crossing, the numbers provide a grounding element as well as an interactive border for the viewer to cross, or to hover outside asking “what” and “why” which brings the viewer to an internal border.

We all cross borders many times in our lives as we strive to overcome our self-imposed limitations and societal restrictions. Sometimes the journey fills us with wonder, other times with regret, but we are forever changed by the experience. It has become my passion to illustrate that moment of border crossing.

36″ x 60″ oil painting

by Cheyenne MacMasters 2014


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  1. Please excuse this reply– I am ill but wanted to express my admiration for your newest work. I love the idea of border crossing and think of it myself as spiritual border crossings. Your display of the Reiki energy as well as the numbers is quite a powerful image, making it spiritual. It is a magnificent piece, Cheyenne!! And I wish you all the very best of luck in the Venice Biennale!! Your paintings stand out, at least for me. So far above what I used to see in the past few years in New York’s Chelsea art scene. So much more depth. Bravo!


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, Ellen. I hope you are getting the rest you need. It has been years since I toured the Chelsea art scene. I’ll have to make a scouting trip of NYC galleries to see where my work might fit, hard to make that connection just looking at websites. In the meantime I feel as if I’m on a mission to reveal the next border crosser… I love the moment when they become alive on canvas!


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