I’ve discovered that the mists and figures emerging from the waters I paint are symbolic of my need to cross borders. As a traveler from early childhood, I was the border crosser who gazed in wonder and perplexity at each new culture I encountered. Years of being the stranger has my Muses insisting upon my portraying the border crossing experience. It’s what I know. Border crossing is a journey we all take may times in our lives as we stretch beyond our self-imposed and societal limitations to seek our destiny.

Some of the paintings shown on this blog are available for sale through Xanadu Gallery Online at my link: http://www.xanadugallery.com/Art/ArtistGallery.asp?ArtistID=5060.

Please visit my website at http://www.cheyennemacmasters.com

Csambri Studios, P.O. Box 347, Bisbee, AZ 85603

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  2. I send my energetic granting along with your more tangible validations! I am enjoying the upgrade in materials from afar! Blessings to you in your constant and beautiful unfoldings as a human and artist! xo! marga


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