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Annunciation: Thorns of Promotion



I’m starting to realize that I am on a Quest. Sometimes the images rise up out of the mists and sometimes they beckon from artists past, signs along the way to be recognized and shared.

I wasn’t sure why the crown of thorns wanted to be included in this painting. However, over the months it took to paint this image on my lunch hours and weekends, I was promoted three times at my place of work.  And, the third promotion, which was like a bolt from the sky on my birthday, definitely came with a crown of thorns. Sometimes I feel the blood dripping into my eyes.

(c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2016

oil on canvas, 60″x 48″

Madonna at the Crossing

mother and child at the crossing

Madonna at the Crossing

 Madonna at the Crossing

Does the dream precede the event?

Is the child a Christ?

Or, is this her creative spirit

coming into being?

She is hungry to go forward.


(c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2014

oil on canvas 60″ x 36″